The worldwide support network for non-religious chaplains

Become a Humanist Chaplain

Do you consider yourself a Humanist? Do you want to support people who need help? Then why not consider becoming a volunteer Humanist Chaplain. Our network supports people such as yourself to provide the much needed Humanist perspective in organisations and society as a whole.

What does it involve?

Humanist Chaplains are there to offer a friendly ear and advice from a Humanist perspective. You need to have an understanding of Humanism and a desire to help people when they need someone to talk to.

If you want to take the role further there is plenty more to get involved in too - providing drop-in sessions, consulting on ethical issues with local government and other authorities and much more.

Why should I volunteer?

Being a Humanist Chaplain is incredibly rewarding. One of the tenets of Humanism is to improve people's lives through human compassion and friendship. A chaplain is there to provide compassion and friendship for fellow people in an organisation such as a university or hospital.

We provide training which comes with its own certification and such experience is one of the best ways to bolster your CV as more and more employers are looking for people who can work well with and support their colleagues.

What are the requirements?

First, it is important to understand that chaplains are embedded within an organisation such as a university, hospital, prison, society or other organisation. We do not place you with an organisation but we can provide a reference to confirm your membership and certification.

Second, a Humanist Chaplain must of course be a Humanist. This means having a basic understanding of the humanist worldview and actively participating in their local or national humanist community. As an organisation, we embrace the Humanist Manifesto.

How to apply

Becoming a member of the Humanist Chaplaincy Network is optional but highly recommended. Your journey starts with our Humanist Chaplaincy Level 1 qualification.

Please contact us if you have any questions.